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Upcoming Events

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Prevent Email Spoofing and

Protect Your Brand with DMARC


Webinar: Prevent Email Spoofing and Protect Your Brand with DMARC

When: Tues, August 9th, 2022 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Webinar Length:  1 Hour

Description: Recent email phishing attacks have been targeting credit union employees by impersonating regulatory agencies, payments processors and corporate credit unions. Brand impersonation attacks like these are designed steal valuable login information from recipients, using it against Credit Unions and further perpetuating the attack on other organizations.

Thankfully, many of these attacks could be prevented using a free technology called DMARC, which works in collaboration with SPF and DKIM email authentication standards to verify senders and reject or quarantine messages that are non-compliant. DMARC can help credit unions prevent brand impersonation attacks and protect your reputation and your members, when properly implemented.

In this free industry webinar, you will learn:

-Spotlight of recent email attacks targeting credit unions
-What exactly is DMARC?
-Technical overview of SPF, DKIM, DMARC and how they work together
-Implementing DMARC at your Credit Union or CUSO
-Special guest presenter: working with your third-party providers when implementing DMARC technology
-A glimpse into the future of email authentication

Our presenters:

-Robbie Wright, VP, Strategic Partnerships, Pure IT CUSO
-Brian Hinze, VP, Member Services & Operations, NCU-ISAO
-With Special Guest, David Bryant, CISO, PSCU



*IMPORTANT: These webinars are limited to members of the credit union industry and their direct affiliates, such as CUSOs and Leagues. Membership not required, but advance registration and registration approval by the NCU-ISAO is required. Space will be limited.


Our security resilience conference CU Intersect is coming in July 2022! 

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