Membership Information

Membership Info

For Credit Unions

Supporting the needs of our Credit Union Members is the reason we exist, and we are a member-led, member-driven organization.   NCU-ISAO Membership is open to credit unions, CUSOs and Leagues. 

Some top benefits Include: 

    • Unlimited subscribers and participants to distribution lists, member meetings & briefings, information sharing
    • Consolidated, vetted, email intelligence distributions from open & closed source intelligence resources
    • Deep and dark web intelligence and CU-specific monitoring
      • Compromised user credentials, credit cards, organizational keyword monitoring
    • Automated intelligence platform access with Splunk Intelligence Management – up to 4 users, or private instance
    • Member-to-member information sharing & collaboration
      • Monthly meetings: Risk & Compliance, Cyber Threats, Fraud Threats, General Membership Meeting
      • Email lists and real-time chat with Slack
    • Fair, asset-based annual dues where membership resides at the Credit Union level, not individually

Members will also receive 10% off of their first-year membership, and discounted access to the NCU-ISAO’s annual conference.

To set up a membership presentation and learn more about NCU-ISAO member benefits, simply fill out our contact form here, or join one of our monthly Member Benefits Webinars HERE.

What Are Our Members Saying?

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our Member Credit Unions say about NCU-ISAO below:

“NCU-ISAO has become an important component of our Cybersecurity Program. Information shared within this organization is very relative to the credit union community.  Information sharing in real time, has allowed us the opportunity to put protections in place before malicious activity affects us. The level of technical details provided by this organization is remarkable.  Dark web monitoring provided by NCU-ISAO provides us the ability to protect our membership in ways we could not do before.  The benefits far outweigh the costs for our membership.”

-CIO, Credit Union with $4 billion in assets, Tennessee

NCU-ISAO has given my credit union the information and tools needed to have confidence in our cybersecurity program.  No program can be perfect but BIN and domain monitoring, daily updates with useful articles, conferences with actionable information, policy & procedure templates, and peer networking opportunities are some of the benefits that help me sleep better.  Credit unions of all sizes and complexities will find something useful from their membership in NCU-ISAO.

-CEO, Credit Union with $85 million in assets, Wyoming

“We have been a part of the NCU-ISAO for over a year, and it has been a great decision to join.  In this time, we have learned a lot about threats to our industry, ideas to mitigate these threats and the ability to discuss them with knowledgeable peers.  The information sharing is very insightful and timely. Leadership at the NCU-ISAO is very prompt to respond to inquires and implement ideas to help participating credit unions stay in tune with emerging risks. The NCU-ISAO is here for us and we look forward to this partnership growing even more.”

-CIO, Credit Union with $960 million in assets, Pennsylvania

Having been involved with the NCU-ISAO for a number of years, our membership has undoubtedly benefitted the credit union in many ways.  The intelligence gathered regarding data security and fraud activity at peer organizations has helped us proactively prepare for emerging threats to our business.   Further, information and experience sharing with peers enhances our level of compliance with regulation as well as our preparedness for audits and annual regulatory visits.  Add to this an ability to participate in regular threat calls, annual desktop exercises, and receiving dark web monitoring reports for customer information and one can really appreciate the value of this relationship.

-VP, Risk Management, Credit Union with $5 billion in assets, Pennsylvania

“As a small-asset credit union, the NCU-ISAO has been an invaluable partner to us.  The timely, actionable information they provide cuts through the noise and allows us to enhance the safety, security, and resiliency of our data and our members’ data.”

-EVP, Credit Union with $17 million in assets, Texas

How to Join

For new credit union memberships, we offer and in-depth web-based membership presentation for your credit union that covers ISAO Member benefits, cost to join, and of course answers any questions you may have.  

Join a monthly Member Benefits Webinar using the link above, or to schedule a private presentation for your CU, just send us a message by clicking here.  You’ll also be sent a copy of our NCU-ISAO executive level briefing upon request. 

If you’d like to inquire directly, please contact Sales via email at [email protected].

For Sponsorship or Partnership Opportunties

Interested in sponsoring one of our upcoming events or exploring partnership opportunities?  We’d love to hear from you.  Click here to find out how to contact us about upcoming opportunities and how to participate.